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14k Gold Chains ~ 10k Gold Chains ~ Sterling Silver Chains

 Whether you're searching for a heavy chain to hold your special
keepsake pendant or a basic chain so you can wear a fun sterling
 silver enameled shoe, you will find several chains to suit your purpose.


You've just selected a special pendant for yourself or to present as a gift or you're searching for the right chain for a pendant you already have...

This section of our store is devoted to chains for pendants and also spacer beads for between charms and many specialty pendants.  Spacer beads help to keep pendants and charms from overlapping when worn together on one chain.

Will It Fit?: When selecting a chain, an important thing to remember is that the silver or gold chain itself must fit through the bail or ring on the pendant or charm.  The tab-end of the chain, where the clasp attaches, must also be small enough to clear the pendant bail or the end of the chain must be removed, then resoldered in place after the pendant is on the chain.  This will add additional expense if you an alternate is not desired.

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If you happen to select a chain that we believe will not fit the pendant on the same order, we will call or email you to get instructions on how to proceed.

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When selecting a pendant chain, there are a few things to take into consideration.  You want to select the right chain the first time... one that will best hold and display your special pendant or charms.  The style you choose depends upon your lifestyle and the look you want to achieve.  Some people want a heavy chain that is more durable... others are searching for a dainty chain that will not distract from the pendant... others still are searching based on what is most affordable. 

Metal Quality: First, you need to decide whether you want the metal quality to match your pendant or charm. We offer sterling silver, 10k yellow gold or 14k yellow or white gold.  14k white gold has become a lot more popular over the past year. Most people usually select the same color/quality as the pendant.  However, some customers prefer to spend less on the chain and will go with a sterling silver chain even if the pendant is 14k white gold.  This is completely up to you.

Style: The style of the pendant chain selected is a personal preference.  We offer several different styles including Wheat and Parisian chains, Box and Spiga chains, Open-Weave or Diamond-Cut Rope chains. Several other styles and also lengths are also available and, although we don't stock them, they are available as special orders.

Weight/Thickness: You need to decide if the chain will fit your lifestyle.  If you are very careful with you necklace, maybe wearing it just for good, or you don't have a baby that will be pulling on the chain, you might decide to purchase a fine, lightweight chain.  If you are someone who always forgets to take your chain off before removing a turtleneck sweater (we know who we are... we take off the sweater and the chain breaks and falls at our feet), you might wish to purchase a heavier chain like a Wheat, Parisian or Spiga chain because they are stronger.  Note:  There is no chain that cannot be broken.  Even if a heavier chain is selected, you still must use common sense and avoid tension on the links.  But these chains will hold up better to a few accidental pulls compared to say a lightweight open-weave pendant chain.

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