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One of the Internet's most extensive collection of SPECIALTY MOTHER'S JEWELRY
is found here!  Offering over 750+ mothers rings & family rings, pendants,
bracelets, brooches & charms.  Compare our competitive prices.

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1. The Original Mother's Ring® Collection

The Original Mother's Ring®... because every mother is an original. Crafted from two solid 14k or 10k gold bands symbolizing mother and father, it is set with colored stones representing the birth month of each child or grandchild... mom and dad's stones can also be included. There are also 17 more Mother's Rings, a bracelet, a chain slide and more!  Click here to view selection.

2. Family Jewelry Collection


This is our FASTEST SHIPPING collection of specialty mothers and grandmothers jewelry!  22 family rings and pendants available in 10k or 14k white or yellow gold with genuine or simulated stones. Also included in this collection is a family tree pendant/brooch combination. Ships fast in about 3-8 days!  Click here to view selection.


3. Personalized Mother's Jewelry

The Unique mothers rings... many can are personalized with the names of your children and grandchildren. Also rings that are for sweethearts and daughter's. Select 10k or 14k, yellow or white gold with genuine or simulated stones. A lovely selection of special stacking rings are included.  Click here to view selection. 

 NEW!   Stackable Mothers Birthstone
Rings & Spacers In STERLING SILVER

Our newest collection of stackable mothers rings are now available.  You'll find lovely birthstone styles and spacer bands in a variety of finishes and colors.   Crafted in sterling silver and offered at a competitive price. Click here to view selection.

4. Mother's & Grandmother's Jewelry
Most designs are available in
14k yellow or white gold.
Many designs now
available in sterling silver.

70 beautiful ring and pendant designs that are set with simulated stones or the best quality genuine stones that we currently offer online. Blank settings are also available in 10k, 14k or 18k gold.  Ships fast in about 4 to 10 days!  Some designs are now available in sterling silver.  Select metal quality and view this very special collection of jewelry that celebrates mothers.

5. Matching Rings & Pendants for Mothers

This unique collection now offers 12 rings and 12 matching pendants for mothers and grandmothers. Offering several stone shapes including hearts, triangles, marquise, square and round. Click here to view selection.

6. Unique Designs for Mothers

This collection will be added to over the next few months. We will be bringing together designs from several manufacturers... designs that may not be typically offered as mother's rings.  Click here to view selection.


7. Mother's Jewelry Collection

20 lovely designs of unique mothers and grandmothers rings crafted in Canada. Each ring can be set with from 3 to 8 birth month stones. Choose from 10k or 14k yellow or white gold with genuine or simulated stones. Click here to view selection.

8. Stackable Mothers Rings

Our newest stacking rings and pendants are available in sterling silver or 14k yellow or white gold.  Each ring or pendant is set with a birth month stone to represent those important to your life. Genuine or Chatham® Created (man-made) stones are offered.   Click here to view selection.

9. Personalized Keepsake Jewelry

Lovely designs that are set with stones to represent your unique family or special occasion. Optional laser engraving makes these items memorable keepsakes.  Select 10k or 14k, yellow or white gold with genuine or simulated stones. Generally ships in about 2-3 weeks!  Rings, pendants and bracelets. Click here to view selection. 


10. More Specialty Rings & Pendants
for Mothers and Family!

This collection offers mothers rings with birth month stones... some are also personalized with names to reflect each unique member of the family.  You can select either genuine or simulated stones and have them custom set in 10k or 14k gold.  A few pendant designs for mom or grandma can be found here too. Choose from a loop-design cross, heart that says "we love you".  If you're searching for lightweight name plate pendants or  rings, you'll find them in this collection.  Click here to view selection. 

11. Personalized Family Jewelry Collection

This is our newest collection of name personalized mothers and family jewelry.  Ships in about 7-10 days... that's fast for a personalized and custom set item!  Choose from rings or pendants in 10k or 14k, yellow or white gold. Stone set items are available with simulated or genuine stones. Click here to view selection.

These designs also make beautiful wedding bands, engagement rings or rings to commemorate any special occasion.

12.  Mothers Keepsake Rings

These gorgeous rings are now available in
sterling silver making them more affordable!

These truly unique rings make a memorable gift and are perfect for just about any occasion.  Since our focus is mothers jewelry, the major stone can represents the mother or grandmother and hidden inside are the names of her cherished family members.  Little birthstones can also be set inside to represent each member's birth day.  Also makes a gorgeous anniversary ring with your special heartfelt words tucked inside for her to treasure a lifetime.   Click here to view selection and some wonderful ideas on how to.

13. Stacking Ring Collection

A nice stacking ring collection which includes 9 pretty designs each available with 1, 2 or 3 stones.  4 more designs are set with 1 or 5 stones. Choose from 14k yellow or 14k white gold and genuine or simulated stones.  Rings offer round, square or straight baguettes and generally ship in about 4-10 days.  Click here to view selection.

14. Stackable Rings & Pendants

These rings are stackable and are available for all 12 months. Each ring is lovely by itself or combined. They can be worn two different ways. New pendants will soon be added also. Click here to view selection

15. Mothers Jewelry Selection

Another small collection of mothers jewelry.  Mothers rings, bracelet and pendant selections with fast shipping on all items in this collection.  Click here to view selection.

16. Mother's Rings, Pendants & Charms

One of our newest collections of mothers rings and pendants...  discover several unique designs set with square or marquise shape stones. Click here to view this selection.

17. Unique Family Rings & Pendants

One of our newest collections of beautiful mothers rings and pendants. A nice little selection of unique designs. Click here to view this selection.

These designs also make beautiful wedding bands, engagement rings or rings to commemorate any special occasion.

18. A Ring to Express Your Truest Feelings!

The ultimate mothers ring... her birthstone can be the major stone set in this ring. But open it up and find her children's names and birthstones (up to 48 characters possible depending upon finger size ordered).  Click here to view this lovely collection of fine keepsakes.

19. Personalized Keepsakes For Mothers & Grandmothers

A brand new collection of mothers rings and pendants is available with names and stones.  Collection offers 6 stacking ring designs, 3 tags, a circle pendant, more!  Click here to view selection.


Stack Rings for Mothers, Grandmothers, Sisters and Best Friends

Stack Rings & Pendants for Mom & Grandma

This is our newest collection of specialty mothers rings that stack.  Genuine or lab created stones are set in these narrow mountings that have a gentle wave.  Available in 14k yellow or white gold or sterling silver. Pendants in this series allow you to flip them so stones set at the bottom can now be stacked at the top for more flexibility in stacking.  A pretty way for mom or grandma to commemorate her unique family.

Click here to view this new collection!

21. Stacking Rings

More rings that stack with each other! This collection offers some unusual varieties of genuine stones including Moonstone, Chrysophrase and Lapis in some of the designs. Choose from sterling silver or 14k yellow gold... some designs offered in sterling silver with a 14k yellow gold bezel. Round, oval or geometric shape stones.  Click here to view selection.

22. Rings for Mothers- Simulated Stones

All of the 24 rings offered in this collection are offered with simulated stones. Click here to view selection.

23. Mother's Family Rings & Pendants

A nice selection of  jewelry for Mom and Grandma. These items are set with commercial grade stones only and include a 27 rings, chain slides and pendants. Click here to view selection.

24. Mothers Ring & Pendant Designs With Tiny Diamond Accents

Create a special memory with a delicate mothers ring or mothers pendant. Tiny diamonds accent this special collection of rings and pendants for mothers.  Intricately set diamonds add sparkle to already pretty designs.  The rings and pendants are offered here in 14k gold... all white or two-tone. Click here to view this collection.

25. Stacking Rings for Mothers & Grandmothers

Another group of stacking rings. This collection offers some pretty styles with unique stacking combinations. Available in 10k or 14k, yellow or white gold. Click here to view collection.

26. Black Hills Gold Mothers Rings and Pendants

The soft look of authentic Black Hills Gold is offered here in mothers ring and pendant designs.  Jewelry is cast in 10k yellow gold with 12k pink and green gold leaves that highlight this special collection on keepsakes crafted in South Dakota. A couple designs are also offered in sterling silver. Each keepsake ring is custom set with genuine birthstones that represent her unique family and makes for a soft and feminine gift for Mother's Day, birthdays, or any day you'd like to make extra special for mom.  Click here to view our selection of Black Hills Gold mothers jewelry.

27. Mother & Child® Pendants & More
Includes mother and child symbols from several popular designers!

Looking for just the right gift for your mother? We offer a beautiful collection of specialty mothers pendants for BOTH mother's with new babies and mothers with adult children. This section has many of our most popular mother and child designs from several manufacturers on one page for easy comparison.  Decide which design best expresses and celebrates the joys of motherhood and that timeless expression of love. Click here to view the collection.

28.  Moppets
Pendants and Charms

EXCLUSIVE!  Announcing the arrival of the newest pendants and charms for mothers- Moppets!  Sweet little boys and girls crafted in sterling silver or in 14k yellow gold.  Fun designs that share the joy of childhood.  Moppets can be worn as a pendant on a chain or on a charm bracelet.  Click on one of the links below to view these wonderful designs!

29. Mother's Key®, the Original Window Box®
Pins or Pendants & More!

 Each of these pretty 14k gold items are available as a brooch or pendant.  The unique key is offered with 10 simulated stones and the tree is available with 1-9 stones. The window box design has 12 little flowers that can be set with either genuine or simulated stones. Also, With Me Always® Angel Hearts® pendants and heavier chain slides!  Sweet Peas have just been added. Click here view these items.

30. The Kids®


Over 400 sizes/styles to choose from! Adorable boy and girl pendants in 14k gold.  High polish and satin finish charms that are engravable.  A mother's pendant  with clean lines but lots of personality!   Click here to view selection.

Engraved Boy or Girl Charms

31. Mother's Head Charms

Boys and girls head charms... many of our mothers had these little girl and boy head charms on their bracelets and they are still treasured designs today.  As each new family member arrives, a new charm can be added. Boys and girls are offered in classic high polish or stamped detail styles.  Optional engraving is offered so mother's charms can be personalized with her children's first names and birthdates.

14k gold collection of head charms.
Sterling silver collection of head charms.

32. Loving Hands ™ Pendants

Symbolic beauty and exquisite quality are the words we use to describe the Loving Hands collection of mothers pendants. A mothers hand extended as she guides her precious child through life together... a journey that extends a lifetime.  This lovely keepsake is set with 1 to 3 diamonds and is now offered in two sizes... the large designs are heirloom quality keepsakes to treasure for years to come. These unique designs are more difficult to come by.  Click here to view the collection.

  33.  Loving Family™ Pendants

14k yellow gold Loving Family Pendants- 1 or 2 ParentsMore designs that celebrate family bonds and love. Choose from 14k yellow gold or two sizes in sterling silver. Select from one or two parent designs with 1 to 4 children or the couple design. Also, neat sterling silver heart lockets also available which can hold an imitation birth month stone for each family member. Click here to view the selection.


34. For Moms & Grandmas- Precious Babies

They are so adorable! Our newest kids are now available in 14k yellow gold or sterling silver.  Choose from a baby boy or baby girl design in two sizes.  The small size is perfect for a charm bracelet.  There are even twins designs... girl and girl, boy and boy or boy and girl!  This fun collection also includes a more modern version of a mother cradling her child... choose from mother and son or mother and daughter.  A few diamond items are also available.  Click here to view selection.

35. Family Tree Pins and/or Pendants

A charming Black Hills Gold tree design has just been added. What is unique about this family tree design is that if a stone is not set in an available location, it has pretty pink or green leaf "fillers".

Choose from three lovely family tree designs. Custom set with stones to represent the birth day of each family member.  Click here to view the collection.

36. Brooches

Most of these beautiful brooches are custom set with stones to represent your children or family!  Artist's Paint Pallet mother's brooch has just been added. Click here to view this selection.

37. Forget-Me-Not Bracelet

A lovely bracelet that is crafted in sterling silver or 14k yellow or white gold with antiquing highlights. Engraving and optional genuine stones are also available.  Makes a lovely keepsake bracelet from mom.  Click here to view the collection.

38. Inspirational Family Jewelry

A beautiful collection of inspirational jewelry.  Whether celebrating the joy of motherhood, a special relationship with a precious daughter or the loss of a cherished loved one, this collection conveys our feelings in a special way.  Many of the unique designs include eloquently worded gift cards that express heartfelt joy, spiritual love, sometimes sorrow but also hope for tomorrow.  Beautiful keepsakes with a true meaning behind them... or just pretty keepsakes.  Click here to view this wonderful collection.

39.  Mothers Birthday Lockets

Pretty sterling silver and 18k yellow gold lockets that can be filled with birthday stones to celebrate mom's family. A hinged, glass front window allows her to see the birthday colors. Available in 3 styles and a choice of 4 stone sizes/types.

Birthday Lockets for Mothers
and Grandmothers

40.  Mothers Sterling Silver Shoes

Our newest baby shoe additions are here.  A charming collection of nicely crafted sterling silver baby shoes for mom.  These designs can be worn on bracelets or singly as a pendant.

Moms Baby Shoe Charms/Pendants

Mother and child pendants in 14k yellow or two-tone gold.

41 The Original Mother & Child® Pendants

The original Mother and Child® pendants, rings, earrings and more by Janel Russell... a traditional mothers gift.  The simple design that stands for so much. Family design is also available. Choose from sterling silver, 14k yellow, white or two-tone gold or the large design in 18k yellow gold. Click here to view the collection.

42. Fabulous Sterling Silver Brooches

We are excited to share with our customers a beautiful new garden of floral brooches!  These are charming pin designs that can be custom set with her family's unique birth month stones to create a memorable mothers or grandmothers brooch.  These items will all be offered in sterling silver so it will keep pricing more affordable. 14k yellow or 14k white gold will also available but will take longer to craft. 


Click here to see what's coming up in
our new flower garden of brooches!

43.  Hush-A-Byes

Neat little pacifier design pendants and charms set with simulated stones. Optional chains are available.  Click here to view the selection.

44. Birthday Baby Shoes & Birthstone Shoes

Expanded selection of charming little shoes in 10k and 14k yellow gold. Great selection with enameled Birthday Shoes, basic enameled shoes and birthstone shoes. Available for each birth month.  Choose from boy or girl designs in a couple of the collections.  Click here to view selection.

45. Family Initial Charms

Elegant charms in sterling silver set with diamonds.  Create a keepsake bracelet by including the initials of each family member or spell names or words.  The unique hinged clasp makes arranging them easy.  All 26 letters of the alphabet are available along with a boy and girl so you can make a special design for mothers or grandmas.  You can even include the furry kids because a puppy and kitty are also available!   Click here to view this selection.

46. Birthstone Bead Slides

Sleek channel set bead slides available in each of the twelve birth months.  Most of the chain slides in this collection are set with with 10 genuine stones. And there are no prongs to distract from the design. One bead can represent each individual in your unique family. They make a lovely mothers or grandmothers family keepsake.  Click here to view selection.

 47. Photo Pendant or Pin

Your favorite color picture laser engraved on 14k yellow or white gold or sterling silver. Pendant measures just over 1" in diameter. A lovely way to preserve a precious memory. Click here to view selection.

Mother or Grandma
Pin/Pendant Combination

48. Pendant/Pins, Pendants, & Pins

Pretty pendants, pins and pendant/pin combinations... a great gift because you don't need to know ring size!  The pin/pendant pictured on the left is also available for Grandma and can have the tiny heart dangles added for her children or grandchildren (up to 7). Click here to view this selection.

49. Blue Agate Cameos to Celebrate Family & Love

Beautiful cameo pendants expressing love and family bonds. Some designs come as pin/pendant combinations. Click here to view this selection.

50. Lockets

A lovely selection of 50 lockets to hold your cherished memories. This collection of locket offers sterling silver, gold-filled or 14k gold pendant designs. Some styles are special for mothers and others just for grandma. Click on the link below to see this beautiful collection...

51. Solitaire Chain Slides

An extensive selection of custom-set chain slides in 14k gold. These lovely designs can be set with diamonds, genuine colored birthstones or simulated birth month stones to represent mom's unique family.  Click here to view selection.

 52. One Family, Many Hearts Pendant

This special pendant is all about family and the many hearts that make it one.  Crafted in base metal, this pretty design features a family tree.  Flip it over and a heart and star are on the reverse side.  This reversible pendant includes a 16" snake chain with a 2" extender.  A special keepsake to celebrate the unique bonds of family.  Click here to view this item.

53.  Personalized Name Bracelets,
Name Pins, Baby Shoe Charm & More

A collection of sterling silver name jewelry for your special mom. Select from cutout style name bracelets, engraveable link-style bracelets, photograph charm bracelet and more! Click here to view selection.

54. Charm Bracelets... The All Around Keepsake

The beauty of charm bracelets is that you can add a new keepsake to to commemorate many special occasions which makes them even more memorable.  We offer a nice selection of bracelets so you can start an all-around-keepsake for the special mother or grandmother in your life.  Click here to view our selection.



A nice selection of ring and pendant mistakes... either the wrong color, the wrong stones or placement, etc. All items offered only as pictured on a first come, first serve basis. Once they are gone, they're gone (until the next batch of mis-makes!). Click here to view selection.

56. Remembrance Jewelry for Family & Friends

Sometimes words just don't convey our shared sorrow when someone dies so we look for a way to better express our sympathy. Remembrance keepsakes can be a way to keep the good memories close.  They also provide a way to let someone know that their loved one will never be forgotten. 

The Memorial Tear®- A special pendant that represents the love and loss of a loved one.  It symbolizes a love that never ends. Available in 14k gold or sterling silver. The Memorial Tear® pendant is also a special gift for a mother that may have lost her child prior to birth.

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