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~ Mothers Chain Slides ~
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Birth month chain slides that represent all 12 birth months!  Beautiful slides move freely when placed on the right size chain and can be rearranged to achieve the appearance desired. Mothers and grandmothers can collect and wear them to represent each member of her family.

Stone size: 4mm, 5mm or 6mm round. Each slide is sold and priced separately.  Offered in 14k yellow gold only. Slides with simulated stones are returnable. Slides with genuine or Created stones are special order items that are NOT returnable. Optional chain available. Pictured above are three small size slides on optional pendant chain #11RY. We recommend chain styles #11RY, #PEN6 or #PEN21 for these items because the tab end of the chain will fit through the holes in the slide.

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Simulated Stone Slides: Returnable- see store policies.

Genuine or Created
Stone Slides: NOT Returnable- Special Order Items.

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Approximate Millimeters to Inches Conversions

Side and Back Views

Note: These chain slides have heavier weight settings compared to the chain slides shown at- th lightweight chain-slides.  

Slides with SIMULATED Stones are returnable. Slides with GENUINE OR CREATED stones are special order items that are NOT returnable.

Smallest # 81667 4mm stone
Medium # 81668 5mm stone
Largest # 81669 6mm stone  

Each slide is sold and priced separately.


Item # I-S3-MJ3-ChainSlide

14k Yellow Gold
Chain Slide...
Choose from 3 sizes!

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Simulated Stone Slides: Returnable- see store policies.

Genuine or Created
Stone Slides: NOT Returnable- Special Order Items.


Select 14k Gold Slide Size & Color.
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If genuine or created stone is selected, price of stone is added.

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each additional slide. Verify order before checking out.

Smallest- 4mm Round Stone

Medium- 5mm Round Stone

Largest- 6mm Round Stone


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