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New Mothers Cameos Have Been Added!

Blue Agate Cameos from Italy depicting love, marriage and family at very competitive prices. The detail of these pieces is truly amazing!  Choose from simple frames or diamond accented frames.

Note that colors and shades do vary and some large items come as pin/pendant combinations... they have a bar pin on the back along with a pendant bail so it can be worn two ways.  All items are enlarged to show detail... refer to the millimeter sizes provided with each cameo and the conversion chart shown on each page. Most cameos in this collection are generally ship in approximately 3-7 days.

Each blue agate cameo varies somewhat in color and shading. Some items may come as pin/pendant combinations... they have a bar pin on the back along with a pendant bail so it can be worn two ways.  All cameo frames are 14k gold.

Proper Cameo Jewelry Care- Most of our beautiful cameos are glued in place.  To clean, use a soft cloth to gently remove any dust or debris.  A brief dip in a cool water and mild soap solution can be used for periodic cleaning.  Rinse well and gently dry thoroughly. Do not use commercial cleaners, ultrasonic cleaning units or allow your cameo jewelry to soak in water.  Remove cameo jewelry before showering, swimming or enjoying a hot tub.  Hot water can cause discoloration of your cameo and destroy the bond between the glue/epoxy and the cameo resulting in the cameo falling out.

Sorry, these items have been discontinued.

Mother & Baby Cameos
Heaven's Gift

Mother Holding Child Cameos
Everlasting Love

New Baby and
New Mother Cameos
New Arrival

Mother & Her Child, Family,
3 Generations, Wedding.
More Beautiful Cameos

Conversion Chart

mm 9.5mm 12.8mm





31.8mm 38.2mm
Inches 3/8" 1/2"





1 1/4" 1 1/2"

* Millimeter measurements are rounded off to the nearest 10th.


History of Cameos and About Blue Agate Cameos

The word "Agate" is derived from the Sicilian River Achates where agates were probably found in antiquity. Agate is a very special semi-precious stone which is classified as a banded chalcedony or micro-crystalline quartz. The individual bands or layers give this stone its uniqueness and character.

The art of cameo engraving can be traced as far back as the second and first centuries B.C. to the ancient Greco-Roman Empires where cameos enjoyed a golden age. The decline of the Roman Empire also brought with it a period of dormancy for cameo development.  It was not until the fifteenth century during the period referred to as the Renaissance that cameos resurfaced as an art form and as a medium for jewelry. The Medici family of Florence is credited with restoring cameos as jewelry. At about the same time a very high quality mine wad discovered in southern Germany. This region soon became the center of cameo technology and by the beginning of the 19th century possessed the  most significant agate deposits in the world. Over the past one hundred years, this area pioneered and is largely responsible for developing and refining the techniques used to carve and color today's cameos. The once rich deposits of these mines have been exhausted and the world is now dependent on South America for its supply of high quality layered agate material.

The layered agate material that is used in producing agate cameo gem carvings is usually cut from agates with even parallel layers, a lighter layer above a darker one. The agate used in today's cameos is naturally multiple shades of gray in color, ranging from a milky white translucent to dark gray. The lower and softer layer is dyed to produce the highly desirable blue chalcedony color; while the lighter colored upper layer which is harder does not accept dying and remains white or milky in appearance.

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