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Stone Chart & Product Information for
This Collection of Mother's Rings®

Sorry, these keepsakes have been
discontinued by the manufacturer.

IMPORTANT : The items in this collection are custom made just for you.  They are not returnable so please order carefully. Once the order is placed with the manufacturer it is not cancelable and changes may no longer be possible. If you have any questions, be sure to ask before you order... we are here to assist you. We generally ship the items in this collection within about 7 to 14 days.  White karat gold may take an additional 5 days to ship.  Jewelry with DARKER emeralds take an additional 7-14 days to ship.  Samples are available for all items in this collection... if in doubt, order a sample before you purchase... click here for details. 

Most items pictured are samples set with simulated stones unless otherwise noted.  Many pictures are enlarged to show detail... refer to stone/item sizes provided. See below for additional information including stone chart for these designs.

Important: Stone additions and resizing are no longer offered for the ALL Platinum Original Mother's Ring.

Stone Addition Availability for This Collection: Note that fees for this service for jewelry in this collection are quite high.  Except for the Original Mothers Ring design, your old setting is traded-in for a new one with the new stone addition(s)... you do not get you old ring back.  Your existing stones are used if they are in good condition and come out of your existing mounting without breakage.  Otherwise, new stones must be set at an additional charge. Stone "additions" are possible (up to the maximum indicated) if the design is still in production at the time this service is required.  Styles may be discontinued without prior notice although to date this has seldom happened See exception below. Pricing depends upon when service is required and what stone or stones are added. Contact us for pricing.

All rings pictured on this page are
actual custom karat gold examples.


Shipping Information for
Items in This Collection

The items in this collection ship FREE via FedEx 2nd Business Day delivery  service to most USA addresses.  Exceptions: Items shipping to a Post Office Box, APO/FPO military address and some addresses outside the contiguous USA will ship via insured US Priority Mail delivery only which is an approximate 3-5 day delivery. Signature is required for delivery.

Approximate Millimeters to Inches Conversion Chart

MM 1.6mm 2.4mm 3.2mm 6.4mm 9.5mm 12.8mm





3/32" 1/8" 1/4" 3/8" 1/2"



Choose from two different emerald options-
light or dark. We custom-set them so they
will take an additional 7-14 days to ship.

EMERALD NOTE: In 2016, the emeralds set in this special keepsake ring changed... they are now very LIGHT in color.

DARKER emeralds are available however the custom-set ring will take an additional 7-14 days to ship. See individual ring and pendant order pages for pricing. 

Finer qualities are also available... contact us for pricing.





+ for ruby & emerald color

Mother's Rings® & The Original Mother's Ring®

This manufacturer is our customers' favorite.  The symbolic "Original Mother's Ring" along with other styles in this collection are our best sellers.  Stones generally have good color and rubies and emeralds generally allow some light to reflect from the bottom of the stone.

Pluses: Unique and original product designs; most popular selection; stones are nice and settings have a good weight.

Minuses: None known.

Mother's Rings® - Click here to view selection.



Information about this special mothers ring...

       Important: Stone additions and resizing are no longer offered for the ALL Platinum Original Mother's Ring.     

Ordering the Correct Original Mother's Ring Size- As with all custom rings, it is important to make sure you order the correct size when the ring is being made.  It is more important to order the Original Mother's Ring® in the correct finger size because if resizing is required, 2 bands must be resized (and resoldered if the pinch-back is ordered). It is more expensive to resize two bands compared to just one.  This ring can be ordered with either a gap or a pinched back.  Being about 6mm wide, this ring with a gap covers more finger area and tends to fit a bit tighter than the ring with a "pinch back". The ring with a pinch back tapers so it makes for a more comfortable fit.  See pictures below.

When ordering the Original Mother's Ring with a gap, use wide finger
measuring gauges that are about 6mm wide to determine correct size.

Original Mother's Ring® and Bracelet Information- When stone additions are required for The Original Mother's Ring® (or bracelet), new heads are usually soldered on the current/existing setting... most existing stones must be removed first, then reset because they will not take the heat of a torch. The exceptions are usually Rubies, Sapphires or Diamonds. Because of this, it is usually more expensive to have stones added to the Original Mother's Ring or Bracelet compared to ring styles which are traded in.

Gap vs. Pinch Back- The Original Mother's Ring® can be ordered with either a gap or with the bands soldered together (pinch back).  If you will be considering stone additions in the future, you might want to consider the ring with the gap because it may be less expensive to add heads/stones to a ring with a gap because it has no fixed center.  The pinch back ring has a fixed center which is located in the middle of the shank (the part of the ring you see when you look at the palm of your hand).  You cannot add just one stone to a pinch back because it will make the ring unbalanced.  See below for more information...

The Original Mother's Ring® with a GAP- shown at the top of both pictures on the right.  If you were to place 1, 2, 3 or more stones next to the existing stones, the center of the ring (at the back-shank) would not be effected because the ring with a gap actually has no fixed center. 

The Original Mother's Ring® with a PINCH BACK- shown at the bottom of both pictures on the right. This ring has a fixed center which is always located in the middle of the pinched ring shank.  If one stone was added, it would throw off the center of the ring and it would not be balanced... if looking at the ring from the sides, one side of the ring would have a stone closer to the pinched back than the other side.  If two stones were added, it would again be balanced.  When an odd number of stones are added, the ring must have all of the existing heads repositioned which involves more labor so it is more expensive to add stones to the pinch back style.

Note: When the Original Mother's Ring® is ordered in yellow and white karat gold, there is a very subtle difference between the yellow karat gold bands and the white karat gold heads. This ring is never made in all yellow karat gold.


Diamond Information- July 11th, 2008 UPDATE:
Approximate diamond grade: I1 to SI2 clarity/J-K color.

  • 2.5mm diamond equaling approximately 0.05 carat... about 1/20 carat.

  • 3mm diamond equaling approximately 0.10 carat... about 1/10 carat.

  • 3.75mm diamond equaling approximately 0.19carat to 0.22 carat... about 1/5 carat.

Stones Available for Items in this Collection Only

Genuine Stones


Simulated Stones

January Mozambique Garnet January Simulated Garnet
February Amethyst February Simulated Amethyst
March Aquamarine March Simulated Aquamarine
April White Zircon OR
I1 to SI2 clarity/J-K color
April Simulated White Spinel
May Emerald OR Green Agate (see below)* May Simulated Emerald
June Green Tourmaline June Simulated Alexandrite
July Rudy OR Rhodolite July Simulated Ruby
August Peridot August Simulated Peridot
September Blue Sapphire September Simulated Blue Spinel
October Pink Tourmaline October Simulated Rose Zircon
November Citrine November Simulated Yellow Topaz
December Blue Zircon OR
December Simulated Blue Zircon

* Green Agate is a green stone that is usually
very cloudy.  If you want a May stone to look
like traditional Emerald, select the DARKER Emerald.

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