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The timeless classic- The Original Mothers Ring

The Original Mother's Ring® Collection

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This is one of our favorite collections!  It offers a timeless classic called "The Original Mother's Ring".  Since 1959, this manufacturer has been crafting the only rings that can rightfully be called Mother's Rings®. The beautiful ring and pendant designs in this collection generally ship in about 7-14 days... white karat gold, platinum or 18k and platinum rings may take an additional 5 days to ship.  Rings, pendants and charm are available with genuine or simulated stones.  Cuff bracelet only offered with simulated stones. 

EMERALD NOTE: The emeralds now set in this collection are very LIGHT. DARKER emeralds are available however the ring or pendant will take an additional 7-14 days to ship. See individual mothers jewelry on this page for pricing.

The Original Mother's Ring®... the most symbolic mother's ring available.  Crafted from two bands of solid karat gold or platinum representing mother and father, this band is then set with either genuine or simulated stones to represent the children.  Mom and dad's birthstones can also be added if you would like this special ring's stones to represent the entire family making it a family ring.  Click here to learn more about this very special keepsake.

Most items pictured are samples set with simulated stones. Many items are enlarged to show detail- refer to measurements provided on individual order pages to determine actual size.  Custom karat gold mother's rings examples are noted and are also pictured for styles #OMR and #BW30 shown below only.

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The Original Mother's Ring (R)
The Original Mother's Ring
1-7 stones: 3.75mm
Mother's Ring- BW33
1-7 stones: 2.5mm
Mother's Ring- BW31
1-5 stones: 2.5mm*
Mother's Ring- BW30
1-5 stones:2.5mm
Mother's Ring- BW3
1-10 stones: 3.75mm
Mother's Ring- BW39
1-7 stones: 2.5mm
Mother's Ring- BW32
1-7 stones: 2.5mm
Mother's Ring- BW33
1-5 stones: 2.5mm
Mother's Ring- BW1
1-7 stones: 3.75mm
Mother's Ring- BW41
0-5 stones: 2.5mm
Mothers Rings #BW47
1-6 stones: 2.5mm
Mother's Ring- BW40
1-8 stones: 2.5mm
Mother's Ring- BW2
1-7 stones: 3.75mm
Hugs and kisses- one of our newest mothers rings
1-5 stones: 3.75mm
Mother's Ring- BW44
1-5 stones: 2.5mm
Mother's Ring- BW13
6-12 stones: 2.5mm
Mother's Ring- BW38
1-7 stones: 2.5mm
Mother's Ring- BW45
1-6 stones: 2.5mm
Mother's Ring- BW34
1-7 stones: 2.5mm
Mothers Rings #BW-46
1-7 stones: 3.75mm
BW-OMB Bracelet
Original Mother's Bracelet
1-13 stones: 3.75mm
Simulated Stones Only
BW3- Pictured in karat gold with genuine birthstones.
Actual karat gold Mother's Ring.

BW39- Custom set ring with genuine birthstones.
Actual karat gold Mother's Ring.

Mothers Ring BW1 in 10k gold with genuine stones.
Actual karat gold Mother's Ring.
Mother's Ring- BW42
1-7 stones: 2.5mm
Mother's Ring- BW11
1-6 stones: 2.5mm
Original Mother's Pendant
1-3 stones: 3.75mm
Mothers jewery item #FP1
1-6 stones: 3mm
BW-OMS- A chain slide
Original Mother's Chain Slide
1-3 stones: 3.75mm
Original Mother's Charm
1 stone: 3.75mm

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